Winning Teams

People perform better in roles that match their talents and work preferences. Understanding these is vital to developing individual, team, and organizational performance. Many of the techniques practised by elite sporting teams apply equally in the work environment.

Winning Team emotional intelligence

Lean/Agile Team Dynamics

Leading Agile teams is not the same as leading traditional teams. Agile teams are expected to be dynamic and self-organizing. This doesn’t mean there are no leaders, but it requires a style of leadership that is less prescriptive and more supportive and this requires a higher level of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be a valuable element of Agile/Scrum Master training or can assist in resolving issues with team dynamics.

Team Management Systems

Team Management Systems (TMS) is recognised internationally as the foremost integrated work-based assessment system. Align4 uses TMS and Belbin Team Roles to create high-performance, ‘Winning Teams’.

Team Management Systems helps Teams to understand and balance their talents and capabilities.

The TMS Team Management Wheel

Align4 are accredited Team Management Systems assessors and facilitators. We can provide follow-up in the form of team building and team coaching to develop the required linking and leadership skills.