Developing the EI of Future Leaders

We help organisations to develop their future leaders – at all levels in the organisation – leaders who will inspire and motivate their teams to achieve exceptional performance. These include organisations in different countries, and of different sizes – from SMEs to multi-nationals.

Over the last 15 years, research and practice has confirmed the strong links between emotional intelligence (a form of social intelligence) and effective leadership.

At the Senior Leadership Team level, where high levels of IQ and experience are the norm, EQ is the absolute differentiator for success. The correlation is clear – the higher one progresses in an organisation the greater the importance of EQ.

In recent years this has become widely accepted in higher education, and most business schools now include EI training in their MBA Programmes. In an organisational setting it also makes sense to include Emotional Intelligence training into the development programmes for future leaders.

In our work we are conscious of the interplay between leadership style and organisational culture – and the differences in every organisation. We take this into account when planning the introduction of emotional intelligence into a leadership programme.