Emotional Intelligence Courses and Pricing

We provide a flexible and cost-effective toolkit for organisations of all sizes to develop the Emotional Intelligence skills of their workforce and their future leaders. Its web-based approach and availability in multiple languages, make it cost-effective to deploy in international organisations.

A ‘Goldilocks’ combination of theory and practice

The accelerated programme uses the latest in experiential learning activities and allows staff at all levels to learn about emotional intelligence and apply it immediately in practice.

The programme is simple and engaging for even the most sceptical learners, and includes a ‘Goldilocks’ – ‘just right’ – mix of theory and practice, proven over 10 years to achieve lasting improvements.

We offer the following standard courses in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.

‘The Value of Emotional Intelligence’,  2-hour in-house workshop

This is a popular course for creating awareness of Emotional Intelligence and its benefits for organisations as well as individuals in their careers and personal lives. It provides an introduction to the neuro-biology of Emotional Intelligence and explains the four core areas. This is followed by the results of studies showing links with job performance, career progression and leadership, with options for developing Emotional Intelligence. After the workshop, attendees will have a clear pathway and the motivation to develop their emotional intelligence.

Cost £745 excl. VAT, for a group of up to 30 attendees.

EI in Action’  Programme, 1-day in-house workshop

The ‘EI in Action’  Programme is delivered in-house.

Cost £2,250 excl. VAT, for up to 8 attendees (£282 per attendee), and £100 per additional attendee up to 30 attendees (£150 per attendee).
The course fee includes:

  • The EI pre-test
  • 1-day workshop
  • Course notes with strategies for developing EI
  • Access to e-learning modules to use after the workshop as a refresher
  • EI post-test which is done to confirm progress
Introducing Emotional Intelligence into an existing leadership programme

We have a dedicated EI Team able to support organisations in the UK and Europe and will be happy to discuss the integration of Emotional Intelligence training into your existing Leadership Programme.

Other leadership workshops

We deliver the following training courses in the UK and Europe. They are invaluable for professionals moving into leadership or team management roles. Through channel partners they can be delivered worldwide in all major languages:

  • Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results – FranklinCovey (3-day)
  • Lean/Agile Team Roles – Team Management Systems or Belbin (1-day)