Can Emotional Intelligence be Developed?

hippocampusStudies of the biology of Emotional Intelligence have shown that thanks to a process called ‘neuroplasticity’, it is a flexible set of skills – like playing a musical instrument – that can be acquired and improved with practice. Some people are biologically more emotionally intelligent than others because the connections in some areas of their brains are stronger. But like other human capabilities, Emotional Intelligence can be ‘strengthened’, or developed, with focus, practice and repetition.

Developing EI requires more than an intellectual understanding

certifiedDuring their learning, participants need to be engaged experientially in order to understand the benefits EI can bring in their professional and personal lives, or the problems it can solve. And after their training they need a clear path and motivation to practice the new skills.

The ‘EI in Action’ Programme includes these elements. It uses the latest in experiential activities to create the awareness and motivation, and provides a focus on 2-3 key strategies to practice after the course. In this way, attendees are able to start immediately putting the new skills into practice. This accelerated learning program has been optimised to be simple and engaging for all learners, while at the same time achieving lasting improvements.

Simple and proven – how it works

The EI in Action’  Programme comprises three components:

  • The EI test, which is done on-line before the workshop.
  • The highly engaging 1-day workshop with interactive scenarios that bring EI to life and illustrate the four core EI Skills. During the interactive sessions, the attendees come to understand the impacts of their behaviour and confirm the development strategies they will use to develop their EI skills.
  • After the workshop, attendees practice the new behaviours until they become natural responses, with unlimited access to 16 e-learning modules as support.  The EI test can be repeated to measure progress if they wish.
Why it Works

The test has been developed by experts in psychological assessment and validated  as a reliable measure of emotional intelligence. The 360° version includes feedback from peers, superiors and subordinates.

It then uses the latest in experiential learning activities to create the awareness and motivation, providing a focus on 2-3 key strategies to practice after the course. The e-learning modules, scorecard and retest are available as support and to track progress.

Our programmes

A common objective of all our programmes is for attendees to:

  • Understand the biological basis and business case for emotional intelligence
  • Recognize the four core EQ skills in work life and relationships
  • Focus on specific ways to practice and improve their emotional intelligence.