The Business Case for EI

Emotional Intelligence – the ‘Catalyst’

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is the ‘catalyst’, the mysterious ingredient now confirmed by numerous studies as having the strongest links to career success, performance and leadership at all levels.

And the good news is the clear evidence that, while some people are naturally higher in EQ, it is a skill, or capability,  that can be developed with practice.

Over 10 years, our EI in Action emotional intelligence training programme has shown significant improvements in behaviours and bottom-line results, across a range of business-critical areas.

IQ, EQ and Personality

For most of the 20th Century, IQ and Personality were seen as key predictors of success. But around 1995, a paradigm shift started when Emotional Intelligence was confirmed as the mysterious differentiating factor.

Neuroscience shows that Emotional Intelligence is a skill that can be developed

Numerous studies in neuroscience have shown that Emotional Intelligence is not an “inherent ability” like IQ that people are born with, but a capability that can be developed with practice. It is a ‘sixth sense’ within us that scans our social environment and informs our personal decisions and our behaviour. Like other human capabilities – physical and mental – it is strengthened with focus, practice and repetition to achieve positive results, and this is what our training provides.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Success

Interestingly, Emotional Intelligence becomes more important the higher one progresses in the organisation. At the Leadership Team level – where high levels of IQ and experience are a given – EQ is the absolute differentiator for success.

These findings are so consistent that they apply to people worldwide, at all levels and in all sectors and industries. Finding a job in which pay and performance aren’t linked closely to EQ would be a challenge. These reasons alone justify emotional intelligence as a priority for career and personal development. The improvements to personal relationships with friends and family are then an added bonus.