Organisational Performance

The Align4 Wheel

The Align4 Organisational Performance Wheel shows the link between employee engagement and organisational performance, and explains the services we provide.

We work at a team level to build a high-productivity work environment and at an organisation level to create a high-performance culture. Our areas of expertise cover the areas within the wheel:

  • Inspiring Leaders
  • Top Talent
  • Winning Teams
  • Recruit for Results
  • Team Learning
  • Cultural Fit

We have an international perspective and experience working with multi-national organisations and multi-cultural teams. Our clients include organisations of all sizes in the private, public and civil society sectors.


Information from Employee Surveys or a specific Employee Engagement Survey is typically used to identify “Employee Engagement Hot Spots”. Root Cause Analysis then informs the Implementation Phase which can involve multiple Action Plans.


Inspiring Leaders

The focus of our involvement in the Implementation is typically in the areas of Leadership Development, Team Building and Coaching – of individuals and teams. The EI in Action Programme is specifically aimed at developing the emotional intelligence of future leaders.

Top Talent – Transforming Potential into Performance

Talent management aims to identify, develop and retain your top talent – those destined to become the future leaders of your organisation.

A key finding in employee engagement surveys is that employees who are able to contribute their talent feel engaged, committed and motivated. At an organisational level this creates a sense of loyalty, provides a high-energy working environment and builds a high-performance culture.

Results-oriented Recruiting

Results-oriented recruiting will help your organisation attract and recruit the top talent. It is actually a very specific process that assesses technical skills, leadership skills and cultural fit. It has been proven to improve your success rate in terms of hiring candidates who “fit in” to your organisation and “deliver results”. It also allows you to target the future leaders of your organisation.

The “Recruit 4 Results” process has been fine-tuned over a number of years within organisations that use frameworks like Performance-based Hiring and Behavioural Interviewing. It meets the needs of fast-moving organisations whose business success depends on “hiring the best”.

We assist organisations either to recruit for specific positions or to improve their recruiting processes in general.

  • Assessment Framework – this provides a set of tools for interviewers to accurately assess talents, “cultural fit”, technical, leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Recruiting Process – results-based job specifications, attracting “top talent” candidates, candidate selection
  • Interviewing Skills – Interviewers need to be skilled in results-oriented interviewing (a form of Behavioural Interviewing)
Winning Teams

Lessons from the world of elite sport
Many of the practices used by elite sporting teams are applicable in the business environment. We use these in our team building workshops.

Leading Lean/Agile teams
Leading Lean/Agile teams is not the same as leading traditional teams. Agile teams are expected to be self-organizing. This doesn’t mean there are no leaders, but it requires a style of leadership that is less prescriptive and more supportive, which requires a higher level of emotional intelligence. The EI in Action Programme is effective in developing the emotional intelligence of Agile Teams and supporting Lean/Agile transformation initiatives.

Team Learning

Team learning is essential in any high-performance organisation and is one of the disciplines from Organisational Learning.  Peter Senge brought Organisational Learning to the public’s attention in his 1990 book The Fifth Discipline.

Peter Senge’s vision of a learning organisation as, “a group of people who are continually enhancing their capabilities to create what they want to create” has been deeply influential. The five disciplines are:

  • Personal Mastery
  • Mental Models
  • Shared Vision
  • Team Learning
  • Systems Thinking

Learning Organisation principles are central to Employee Engagement and a High-Performance Culture and are embedded in all the services we provide. Our services are typically focussed at the team or workgroup level, introducing the changes to leadership behaviours required to support team learning capabilities.

Cultural Fit

“Cultural Fit” is our short name for “Cultural & Organisational Alignment” which provides the foundation for a High-Performance Culture in an organisation. It is at the centre of the Organisational Performance Wheel and provides direction to Employee Engagement Action Plans.

The diagnosis of Employee Engagement Hot Spots may identify non-alignment in areas such as:

  • Line of Sight –  linking team objectives to organisational objectives
  • Cultural Fit – between employees’ personal goals and values and those of the organisation
  • Leadership Style – leaders  who ‘walk the talk’
  • Work-Life Balance
  • People-related processes like performance reviews and personal development
  • Talent Management – under-utilisation of talent
  • Feedback processes from customers and employees
  • Business processes and tools like Lean/Agile to support and maintain a high-performance organisation
  • The HR Service Model – the services provided by HR to the rest of the organisation