Developing EI requires an entirely new learning strategy

“Training for the technical part of jobs is easy—but it’s much harder to train people to be flexible, to have integrity, be conscientious, or be skilled interpersonally.” Technical training is easy compared to developing emotional intelligence. Our entire system of education is geared to cognitive skills. But when it comes to learning emotional competencies, our […]

Methods for mastering EI

In the decades since my own research in psychobiology, I have been tracking cutting-edge findings in neuroscience. This has allowed me to propose a foundation in brain science for the emotional intelligence model. Many businesspeople are traditionally sceptical of “soft” psychology and wary of the pop theories that come and go, but neuroscience makes crystal […]

A dangerous paradox: Rising IQ, Falling EQ

  There is a dangerous paradox at work: As children grow ever smarter in IQ, their emotional intelligence is on the decline. Perhaps the most disturbing single piece of data comes from a massive survey of parents and teachers that shows the present generation of children to be more emotionally troubled than the last. On […]

Brain changes seen in cabbies who take ‘The Knowledge’

The structure of a London taxi driver’s brain changes during the gruelling process of learning the quickest way around the capital, scans reveal. Dozens of trainee drivers had MRI scans before and after they acquired “The Knowledge”, memorising hundreds of journeys and street names. The University College London team, writing in Current Biology, found brain parts […]

Ten Fundamentals Of Neuroplasticity 

  Science has confirmed that you can access neuroplasticity for positive change in your own life in many ways, but it’s not quite as easy as some of the neuro-hype would have you believe. Plasticity dials back ‘ON’ in adulthood when specific conditions that enable or trigger plasticity are met. ‘What recent research has shown […]

Forrest Gump, a fictional example…

Psychologists aren’t exactly sure how to define intelligence.  Even after a century of debate about what it is, and how to measure it, we still have a wide range of theories and ways to test this elusive human quality. More importantly, psychologists still don’t have solid evidence to show that intelligence matters in improving the […]

9 Tips for leading Agile Teams with Emotional Intelligence

‘Anyone who has used Agile methods will attest to the fact that leading Agile teams is not the same as leading traditional teams. Agile teams are expected to be self-organizing. This doesn’t mean there are no leaders, but it requires a style of leadership that is less prescriptive and more supportive and requires a lot […]

Who sends the emotions in a group?

We are constantly impacting the brain states in other people. In my EI model, “Managing relationships” means, at this level, that we’re responsible for how we shape the feelings of those we interact with – for better or for worse. In this sense, relationship skills have to do with managing brain states in other people. […]