Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

While writing ‘Working With Emotional Intelligence’, I analyzed competency models from 188 companies, most of which were large and global, as well as government agencies. In carrying out this work, my objective was to determine which personal capabilities drove outstanding performance within these organizations, and to what degree they did so. Extract from Leadership: The Power […]

The Science of Moods

A growing body of research on the human brain proves that, for better or worse, leaders’ moods affect the emotions of the people around them. The reason for that lies in what scientists call the open-loop nature of the brain’s limbic system, our centre of emotional intelligence. A closed-loop system is self-regulating, whereas an open-loop […]

Primal Leadership—The Hidden Driver of Great Performance

Of all the elements affecting bottom-line performance, the importance of the leader’s mood and its attendant behaviors is the most surprising. That powerful pair set off a chain reaction: The leader’s mood and behaviors drive the moods and behaviors of everyone else. A cranky and ruthless boss creates a toxic organization filled with negative underachievers […]

Social skill—friendliness with a purpose

As a component of emotional intelligence, social skill is not as simple as it sounds. It’s not just a matter of friendliness, although people with high levels of social skill are rarely mean-spirited. Social skill, rather, is friendliness with a purpose: moving people in the direction you desire, whether that’s agreement on a new marketing […]

En français, à Londres

Pour les entreprises françaises installées au Royaume Uni, nous offrons également nos coachings et nos formations ‘Intelligence émotionnelle et Leadership’ en français. Beaucoup de Français expatriés préfèrent, en effet, avoir des sessions dans leur langue maternelle, particulierement lorsqu’il s’agit de ces sujets, qui les les impliquent personnellement en profondeur. Tous les services décrits sur notre […]

Winning Teams

People perform better in roles that match their talents and work preferences. Understanding these is vital to developing individual, team, and organizational performance. Team Management Systems (TMS) is recognised internationally as the foremost integrated work-based assessment system. Align4 uses TMS and Belbin Team Roles to create high-performance, ‘Winning Teams’. Team Management Systems helps Teams to understand and balance […]