Our Experience

EI training

We deliver emotional intelligence and leadership programmes to some of the world’s best-known multi-national corporations, NGOs and MBA schools. Our  emotional intelligence and leadership practice is headed by Valérie Unite, an organisational psychologist with university qualifications in business and economics from the University of Paris. She is also a registered coach with the French and International Coaching Federations (ICF) and a certified NLP practitioner. This expertise adds depth to her emotional intelligence coaching and consulting.

Valérie’s experience spans 20 years in leadership coaching, recruiting and HR consulting roles for some of the world’s best known international NGOs and multi-national companies. She lectures in Emotional Intelligence at leading business schools like Skema and École nationale d’administration (ENA). At Align4, she has led the leadership development practice area in the UK and Europe for a number of years. She has experience in the Hospitality, Finance, Technology, Telco and Higher Education sectors.

Valérie has been introducing emotional intelligence training into leadership programmes and executive coaching for over 10 years.


Valérie is certified to deliver TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence in the UK and Europe. She can provide this in either English or French language. Click here for details and pricing.


An international perspective

The EI test is multi-language and we have experience integrating Emotional Intelligence modules into the leadership development programmes for global organisations. These capabilities bring an international perspective to our emotional intelligence services.

Leadership workshops and training

In addition to in-house Leadership Development Programmes, we deliver the following standard courses and workshops:

  • ‘The Value of Emotional Intelligence’ – 2-hour in-house workshop
  • EI in Action’  Programme – (1-day)
  • ‘Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results’ – FranklinCovey (3-day)
  • ‘Team Roles’ – Team Management Systems or Belbin (1-day)
  • ‘Myers Briggs (MBTI)’ assessment and workshop facilitation

Through our network of channel partners they can be delivered worldwide in all major languages.

Recent Assignments

Emotional intelligence is a common thread running through many of our assignments – as can be seen from the examples below:

InterContinental Carlton Hotels, Europe

  • The Value of Emotional Intelligence – 2-hour in-house workshops to raise awareness of Emotional Intelligence and its benefits for the organisation, as well as for individuals in their working and personal lives.

Hewlett Packard, Europe

  • Leadership in Times of Change – programme for managers in areas impacted by organisational change
  • Team Building and Creative Problem Solving workshops

Skema Business School (Paris and Sophia-Antipolis)

  • Deliver the Emotional Intelligence for Leaders programme

Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA Business School) Paris

  • Deliver the Emotional Intelligence for Leaders programme

Project Management Institute, Sophia-Antipolis Chapter

  • Deliver Leadership and Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

International Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW)

  • Integrate Emotional Intelligence modules into the International Leadership Development Programme and deliver pilot courses in the UK and France. The eventual target audience is 26,000 members in over 80 countries.

Banque Palatine, France

  • Executive Coaching and Emotional Intelligence for managers moving to executive positions

Texas Instruments, Europe

  • Coordinate Talent Development, identify, assess and develop ‘Rising Stars’ and ‘Future Leaders’
  • Implement the TI Global Leadership Programme in France
  • Implement the Graduate Recruitment & Graduate Development Programme, attracting ‘The Best of the Best’ from leading universities in the UK and Europe.
  • Implement Performance-based Recruiting and Behavioural Interviewing