About Align4

Emotional Intelligence is central to the Inspiring Leaders and Lean/Agile Team Performance programmes, offered by Align4 in the UK and Europe. We see Emotional Intelligence as the foundation across these areas because of its strong links with leadership and performance at all levels. Our clients include well-known private and public sector organisations, leading MBA schools and multi-national corporations, in sectors including financial services, ICT and hospitality.

As a component of these programmes we present the popular 1-day ‘EI in Action’ Program. Its popularity stems from its three components:

  • The multi-language EI test, which is done on-line before the workshop. It provides a personal EI profile pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, with suggested strategies for developing EI.
  • The highly engaging 1-day workshop which brings EI to life using interactive scenarios, to illustrate the four core EI Skills. During the sessions, the attendees come to understand the impacts of their behaviour and confirm which of the development strategies they will use to develop their EI skills.
  • After the workshop, attendees practice the new behaviours until they become natural responses, with unlimited access to 16 e-learning modules as support.  The test can be repeated to measure progress if they wish.
Accelerated learning, time-efficient for busy professionals

Our approach is unique because the typical content of a multi-day course is covered in one day, making it time-effective for busy professionals. Having unlimited access to the 16 e-learning modules after the course, allows the attendees to work at their own pace, refreshing their knowledge as required, while mastering their EI skills in different situations.

Our presenters are university-trained occupational psychologists and executive coaches, providing an additional resource, available to the attendees. The design of the program and our coaching approach ensure new skills can be applied immediately.

In French, in London, and across Europe

Our coaching and emotional intelligence training is also available in French, to French organisations in London. Align4 has offices in London and the Nice-Sophia Antipolis area in France – as well as a presence in Paris and Monaco.

Employee engagement & organisational performance

We work with organisations of all sizes, involved in Business Transformation and Cultural Change, aiming to improve Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance. We work at a team level to build a high-energy work environment, and at an organisation level to create a high-performance culture.

Developing future leaders

Developing future leaders is central to this work and is achieved through our leadership development, team building and emotional intelligence training programmes. Our services range from emotional intelligence coaching at an individual level, to organisation-wide implementation.

Multi-national and multi-cultural

Our clients include multi-national organisations and our coaches have experience working with multi-cultural teams. Our worldwide channel partner network can provide support in other regions and languages.