Align4 agreement with TalentSmart

Align4 now delivers TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence 2.0 training courses and workshops in London, the UK and Europe. Align4, an established provider of Leadership Development Programmes in the UK and Europe, has entered into an agreement with TalentSmart of San Diego CA, the world’s No1 Provider of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Under the agreement, organisations in the UK and Europe that have been using TalentSmart’s on-line EQ Assessments and EQ Goal Tracking System will now be able to integrate the third component, the TalentSmart 1-day EQ Workshop. This completes the TalentSmart offering to organisations in the UK and Europe.

The Programme will be available as an internal course and in public workshops.

Valérie Unite, head of Leadership Development at Align4 will be delivering the EQ Workshops in the UK and France – in English and/or French. Valérie comments about the agreement:

The full potential of the TalentSmart EQ system can now be realised – a brilliant combination of web-based and face-to-face. The web based 360° Emotional Intelligence(EQ) Assessments and EQ Goal Tracking are great for busy professionals, but learning new behaviours really works best in a workshop environment – the results just happen faster. People then progress faster in their careers, and in the final analysis, that’s what our clients are looking for.

We selected TalentSmart because their programmes have been achieving outstanding results over a number of years, in organisations all over the world. The TalentSmart EQ System is a bit like an iPad, brilliant engineering, simple and fun for anyone to use, and it gets the job done effortlessly. Others claim to have the same features, but don’t quite measure up in practice.


En français, à Londres

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